Adsense Roulette


AdSense Roulette Graphic

Original Photo Credit Robert Nelson via Flickr

Many small business owners, looking to make the web pay off for them, and motivated by a few true stories of AdSense millionaires, jump into the advertising business.

Sadly, the common approach is to past the Adsense code in the site and wait. Maybe a few people do click, but their check in the mail for $5.67 at the end of the month simply wasn’t worth letting other marketer’s steal the show on your website.

Even with the best configuration of Adsense, you cannot 100% guarantee that an ad for a competitor won’t show up, or an ad that doesn’t reflect the values of your business is displayed, bringing down the ire of your customers on you, even though you have no control of the situation.

Put another way, having Adsense ads on your business page is like arranging to have a mystery person come into your place of business and stand by the door greeting everyone who comes in while offering to sell them a product or service that your company doesn’t (or worse, does) provide. You might get a professional in a nice suit who’s services complement yours nicely (even then, it’s still a distraction), but you could also get an intimidating, fast-talking man with greased hair and halitosis pushing diet pills, political agendas or tips on how to stock up before the world ends in a few weeks.

Want to play Adsense roulette now?