“The Next Big Thing is Already Here”–Samsung Galaxy S III Campaign Review


While wasting investing some quality time watching the season premiere of NCIS: Los Angeles on CBS.com, my commercial blindness was lifted long enough to notice an noticeably-long (90-second) about people waiting for the iPhone 5.

Because I wasn’t paying 100% attentionĀ  in the beginning, it actually took me a second to catch on that this wasn’t an Apple ad. After all, with all the buzz being generated about the long lines in store for those who waited with bated breath the latest revolutionary upgrade to the iPhone family, I could see Apple sharing some of the product-launching excitement with those of us who have day jobs couldn’t spend 8+ hours in line.

Stealing Apple’s Thunder

My gut reaction to the ad falls well within the intended response that Samsung planned. I’ve since enjoyed seeing both the 90-second and 30-second version of this ad several times, and each time I am (mildly) amused and am reminded that the Galaxy S III is comparable, if not superior, to the iPhone 5 in quality, and it doesn’t require waiting in a long line with a bunch of sheeple.

The Apple Crowd Dynamic (On the Other Hand)

The unanswered question in all of this is: why do thousands of Apple fanatics wait hours in line when they could simply pre-order the phone like 2 million other people who didn’t stand in line?

Aside from those who paid to have their spots held, why did thousands of adults raised in the instant-gratification culture willingly, even excitedly wait for hours to upgrade their phones?

Why are Apple’s products so compelling?

Would people have waited in line for the Galaxy S III?